Free Workshop: Hiring & Onboarding Salespeople Who Exceed Your Expectations

By Jane (other events)

Friday, June 22 2018 8:00 AM 10:00 AM

Have you had a difficult time finding high performing salespeople? Have you wasted time and money on sales people that didn’t work?

Learn the science behind hiring and onboarding top performing salespeople.

  • Are you hiring A+ salespeople every time?
  • Can you tell the difference between a candidate who can sell themselves vs. a candidate who will sell your products and services?
  • Do you have a proven structure/ strategy in place for finding and hiring the right sales people
  • What are the attributes of an ideal salesperson?
  • Is it taking your salespeople too long to start producing results?
  • Are your company's salespeople exceeding your expectations?

Hiring sales people is different than hiring for the rest of your organization. and the Training Resource Group (TRG) have teamed up to help you evaluate whether you have the right process in place to ensure that your next hire will be stronger than your strongest salesperson.

Learn more about how & TRG are working together to help organizations build high performing sales teams.

Continental breakfast will be provided.